To provide talented young footballers with an opportunity to put their skills on display and experience stardom with success in the game, Brazil’s veteran great Ronaldinho is establishing a worldwide street soccer league.

Organisers of the Ronaldinho Global Street League said Saturday the tournament is slated to begin in late 2023 and will initially filter the best of players of all ages through a social media trial process where they can upload their skills and tricks of the game to become a part of the competition’s teams.

Skills competitions and head-to-head games will be scheduled in major cities internationally and to become a part of the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team, the teams will compete in a league for the “RGSL Champions” title.

“We believe there is massive value in the space — and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support the players of the future,” the veteran soccer player said while announcing his much-anticipated venture.

The specifics about the locations of events and times for the league have not been shared yet.

To launch the league with a bang, the former Brazilian star player has collaborated with his brother and sports agent Roberto de Assis Moreira and the co-founder of Mike Tyson’s Legends League Sophie Watts.

“Ronaldinho and I grew up in an underprivileged community in Brazil. We know first-hand the power of street football in empowering youth and are fully dedicated to discovering and supporting street soccer players around the world through RGSL,” Moreira said.

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