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Kundan jewellery is notoriously difficult to clean due to its high fragility and frequently intricate patterns. To prevent harm, one must clean with extreme gentleness. Kundan jewellery should be familiar to you by now, but if not, it may be time for you to bring some home.

Every item in the house, including our jewellery, has to be cleaned every so often. Whatever location you choose to keep your jewellery, it will eventually gather dust and require thorough cleaning. Additionally, you must exercise particular caution if it is a Kundan jewellery set, especially if you want to clean it at home.

Kundan jewellery is renowned for its exquisite handcrafted patterns, however due to its delicate nature, it does require special care. It is crafted from 24-karat gold, and to support the jewels, the frame is covered in gold foil. Since the jewellery is covered with polished gold, it is known as kundan.

How to Safely Store Your Kundan Jewellery

No matter where you store it, it will be impossible to prevent moisture since Kundan jewellery is so susceptible to it. As a result, there is a good probability that your gold may eventually lose its shine.

The key is to either wrap your kundan jewellery in butter paper or store it in an airtight container to keep it safe. This will prevent moisture from touching your jewellery, keeping it cool and dry.

Here are some easy to follow instructions for cleaning your kundan jewellery at home.

Brushing and Soaking

This is among the simplest methods for cleaning your kundan jewellery. All you need to do is combine warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. Your south indian jewellery sets will become much more shiny if you soak it in this soapy water. If you like, you may also clean it with a gentle toothbrush or an eyebrow brush.

Utilise some aluminium foil

You won’t believe this procedure works until you use it to clean your jewels. To use this technique, line a small basin with aluminium foil, add warm water, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of oil.

teaspoon of dish soap and baking soda

For 20 minutes, soak your jewelery in this combination. Finally, rinse your jewellery in some fresh, warm water, and then pat it dry with a soft towel. You’ll notice the change right away.

You Can Be Saved by Wrapping

You may either use separate zip lock bags to preserve your kundan jewellery or just wrap it in a soft towel to protect it from dampness and other types of harm. Keep your kundan jewellery separate from other metals to avoid reactions that might lead to imperfections.

Erasing Technique

Your results from using this home cure will probably be immediate. To remove stains and blemishes from your jewellery, try gently rubbing it with a little piece of rubber. You can employ this technique, particularly if a piece of your jewellery turns black.

 Use it in the same manner as you would to remove pencil traces from paper. This is a simple approach to spare yourself the headache of having your jewellery cleaned by a professional.

Cleaning Up and Drying

Use warm water to properly rinse your kundan jewellery sets online. Avoid using hot, boiling water, and after thoroughly cleaning them, be sure to dry them properly by air drying them with a soft towel.Never wear damp jewellery since doing so causes moisture to build up, which can irritate the skin and damage the jewellery.

 Use a baby brush and soft cotton cloth.

Always remember to wipe the jewelery surface with a gentle cotton towel. Another option is to take a baby brush, put it in some face powder, and brush it over your jewellery before finishing it off with some air. Your kundan jewellery will stay secure and gleaming if you do this.


When it comes to cleaning your jewellery by yourself, it may really be very difficult, and since kundan jewellery is so fragile, you might need to take additional care. You don’t need to be concerned. Simply use caution and adhere to the guidelines we outlined in the essay. You will save time and money by doing this.

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