There is nothing to deny that it costs an arm and a leg to study abroad. Although there are a myriad of benefits of studying abroad, you need to arrange a huge sum of money to study abroad, especially when it comes to studying in the USA. Some students quit their dream of studying abroad just because of financial problems. 

Well, the scholarships offered by universities and public communities are there to secure them. There are many scholarship programs that help students arrange tuition fees so that they can study abroad without financial barriers. So, if you have queries regarding the eligibility criteria or scholarship amount for studying in the UK, you can approach the best UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh

Scholarship Exams to Study Abroad: 

Here are the exams you can take to get a scholarship for studying abroad: 

  • IELTS 

The International English Language Testing System tests the English language abilities of the candidates. Those who acquire high band scores are eligible to avail of scholarships. However, this test is only applicable if students want to study in an English-speaking country. So, if you are planning to study in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can take the IELTS exam and work hard to achieve a good band score. 

If you have a look at the IELTS exam format then there are 4 modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The highest band score in each module is 9. As per different scholarship programs, those who achieve 7 or more band scores in the exam can apply for the scholarship. 

  • GRE

GRE is a Graduate Record Exam that is generally designed for students who want to pursue a graduation course in the UK or USA. The exam is accepted by thousands of universities in the UK and USA.  The exam identifies the analytical skills, reasoning skills and quantitative skills of the students. These skills are evaluated on the basis of different sections which are analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. Students need to perform well in each section because their overall scores will be based on their scores in each section. Students who achieve more than 165 in the GRE exam can apply for the scholarship. 


TOEFL is a standardized test that is taken by a number of students to avail of scholarships. This test evaluates the English language skills of the candidates just like the IELTS exam. Same as IELTS, there are four modules in TOEFL but the time duration is different. For the reading section, candidates are given 72 minutes. Similarly, for listening, writing and speaking, they are allocated 57, 50 and 17 minutes respectively. Candidates with a minimum of 84 scores in TOEFL can avail of the scholarship. 

  • PTE

PTE, Pearson Test of English, is an English language test as indicated by its name. This test is accepted by almost every English-speaking country. It is a computer-based test and is popular among those who don’t want to appear for the IELTS exam. Students’ English language abilities are tested on the basis of their performance in four different modules that are Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening. The duration of the test is three hours and students can get the results within 4-5 business days. If they manage to achieve 65 or more scores in the PTE test, they can apply for the scholarship they are eligible for. 

  • GMAT 

Students who want to pursue an undergraduate business management course in Canada, the USA or Australia need to appear for the GMAT exam. It is a Graduate Management Aptitude Test that evaluates the reasoning skills, analytical writing skills, verbal reasoning skills and quantitative writing skills of the students. There will be 80 questions from 4 different sections that candidates need to solve in 187 minutes. Not only in Canada and the USA but this test is highly accepted by more than 100 countries and 15,000+ institutions in the world. If you want to get a scholarship for studying abroad using GMAT scores, you need to get 600 scores or more. 

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Summing Up

To sum up, if you are also taking a back step and quitting your dream of studying abroad because of financial issues, work hard to get good scores in these tests to be eligible for the scholarship. 

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