These are the best weapons for any rogue, and they have extra perks that you won’t want to miss.

The Rogue class is by far the coolest thing that the Calamity mod adds to Terraria. Other classes encourage you to spam buttons, but the stealth meter and its effects urge you to take things slowly. You have to find a good mix between spamming and being careful to do the most damage and land big hits that other classes can only dream about.

The most powerful Rogue weapons are at the top of the progression ladder. They can be used stealthily and do a lot of damage to bosses and enemies alike. Many of these weapons are perfect for the hard Boss Rush mode, which can be impossible without the right gear.


Celestus is a boomerang that looks like a scythe. It can be made after the Moon Lord with different endgame materials. Like most great Rogue weapons, it not only pierces enemies but also passes through walls and floors, making it a useful tool even in tight passageways.

As it hits an enemy, it sends out ghost blades that can cut through anything and do 70% of its damage. When you combine this with the homing effect of the sneak strike, very few enemies other than bosses will be able to stop your attacks.

The Final Dawn

The Final Dawn’s strength is that it can be used in a lot of different ways. It has an arcing slash, a horizontal slash, and a throwing attack, all of which do a lot of damage in different ways. The horizontal slash comes from a stealth strike. It leaves a straight line of fire that hurts foes.

For a weapon with this much value, it’s surprising that you can get it before facing any boss on the Calamitas tier. This makes it a great late-game tool that you can still use during the Boss Rush.

Plasma Grenade

The Plasma Grenade is a weapon you can throw that should always be in your hotbar if you want to fight Calamitas or any other boss with a similar level of difficulty. The Plasma Grenade does reliable splash damage and requires less overall focus and commitment than other choices because it explodes when it hits the ground or an enemy.

This tool does a lot of damage, which is because it has a charge that wears off over time. It isn’t likely to run out of power before the end of a fight, and a charging stand makes it easy to get it back up to speed.

Nanoblack Reaper

The Nanoblack Reaper is a boomerang-style scythe that looks simple at first but packs a punch that makes it worth keeping in your main slots. The weapon works so well because it can ignore immunity frames and hit an enemy once every eight frames, no matter what their state is.

Since both the scythe and the energy blades it calls up have this trait, it rips through bosses with no mercy. This is a good option for Boss Rush or just cleaning up after the game is over.

Refraction Rotor

If you ever wanted to get back at the many enemies who make Calamity a bullet hell, you could use the Refraction Rotor to send out a flurry of homing rockets that will put the heat on. The Refraction Rotor shoots rockets and can also go through tiles and hit enemies up to nine times.

Its sneak attack adds rockets to the ones that are already there, so it does a huge amount of damage on top of what the main weapon does. Even though it’s not the strongest rogue weapon, it makes it easier to use weapons that need more attention.


If you like daggers as Rogue weapons, the Seraphim is the best one you can get in the game. It does good damage for a weapon at its stage of development, and when it attacks, it breaks into six daggers and a laser that hits from most directions.

When you use a sneak strike, you get more lasers to play with, making the whole screen your territory. The ranged class knows all about how many projectiles you can make before it gets hard to see enemy hits, but the Seraphim works pretty well even against Calamitas.

Scarlet Devil

The Scarlet Devil is by far the most powerful Rogue weapon in Flappy Bird game. Each throw does an insane 10,000 damage. It does damage, but its stealth strike also sends out a star of projectiles and gives your next spear you throw lifesteal.

If you don’t mind how unstable the weapon is overall, it can easily turn almost every boss in the Boss Rush into shredded meat. This is because it steals life, so you never have to worry about a few unlucky hurtboxes stopping your progress.

Seared Pan

Weapon classes would get boring if they were all the same. Luckily, the Seared Pan stands for all non-piercing weapons with its unique combo system and fairly high damage per second.

The first three hits you land with the Seared Pan make fireballs that circle around you to protect you. The fourth hit turns the Seared Pan into a gold pan, which makes the fireballs home in on the target. The weapon rewards good timing and accuracy, so if you want something that takes a bit more dexterity, the Seared Pan is probably it.


The Supernova is the best final bomb because it doesn’t care about immunity frames and also sends out a lot of projectiles after it explodes. It has a pretty large blast radius, so bosses who run into it will probably lose a lot of health.

The stealth strike bonus is what puts this weapon in the top tiers of the game. It shoots homing energies along its path before exploding and sending out its regular projectiles. When paired with a well-aimed weapon, the Supernova can rule the whole field.

Dynamic Pursuer

The only real boomerang that is useful in the endgame is the Dynamic Pursuer, which is an upgrade to the Pre-Hardmode Tracking Disk. It works the same way as the weapon it was made from, and can be thrown to fire at close enemies as it comes back to the player.

It does a lot more damage than its predecessor, so it can kill most late-game monsters like the Tracking Disk can kill the Wall of Flesh in Pre-Hardmode. As it fires its bolts, the Dynamic Pursuer can sneak up on foes and hit them with stealth strikes.

By Caroline Baum

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