In Stardew Valley, these mods are great if you want to have more interactions and events in the villages.

Stardew Valley is a game that has won the hearts of gamers all over the world because of how cute and relaxing it is to play. The NPCs in this game are a big part of what makes it so much fun. Every figure has their own story to tell, from the sweet Abigail to the mysterious Wizard.

Even though there are more than 30 NPCs to talk to, there’s always room for more. That’s where the hacking community comes in. With their creative and imaginative mods, they keep giving the game new life. You can now explore a world that is even bigger and more interesting, with new NPCs, longer conversations, and more exciting stories. From the mischievous Aspen to the calm Delores, these new characters add a new twist to the familiar world of Stardew Valley, inviting you to find new secrets and explore uncharted areas.

Custom NPC Mod Seven Deadly Sins

The large modding community in Stardew Valley has made many interesting changes to the game, and NPC mods are no different. You should try Seven Deadly Sins if you want to add new NPCs to your farm and discover new stories.

Seven Deadly Sins is a full map and NPC mod for Stardew Valley that adds nine new people. The mod adds more than 50 new things, like fancy food, baking machines, and fish. It also adds new places, like Hell, a church, a shop, and a lot more. Because this mod is so big, you’ll have a lot to look at and can spend hours exploring it.

Delores – Custom NPC

Delores, a new girl who rides her bike every day from ZuZu City to town, is another great NPC change to try. She knows a lot about exercise, is a vegan, calls herself a hipster, and does a lot more. When you talk to her, her mask comes off and you get to know her better as a person. Her words and attitude will keep you interested. Delores has a story all her own, and talking to her will keep you interested for hours.

This mod is a great example of how quality is more important than number. It only adds one new NPC, but their story is very good. Delores is a great mod to try if you want to change up the NPCs in Stardew Valley or just want to add more variety to your farm.

Abandoned Bride – Custom NPC

Stardew Valley is a relaxing and fun game, but with the Abandoned Bride mod, it can also be thrilling and strange. Abandoned Bride is a mod that adds a new character to Stardew Valley. It is a custom NPC update.

The story of the woman in this mod is full of mysteries, and conversation is a big part of how her story is told. You can spend a lot of time discovering and analyzing the Abandoned Bride’s amazing story-driven plot. If you like scary and mysterious games, this mod and Stardew Valley together will give you the best gaming experience.

Yagisan’s Custom NPCs For NPC Map Locations

Another great mod that adds a new tool for custom NPCs is Yagisan’s Custom NPCs For NPC Map Locations. The mod was made to show where custom NPCs are on the world map. It doesn’t add any new maps.

With this mod, you can add new people to the game’s map, which makes it easier to keep track of them and interact with them. A simple tool, but one that is very useful.

Shiko – New Custom NPC

Stardew Valley already has a lot of charming characters, but modders can add even more interesting and well-developed ones. One of these characters is Shiko Takahashi, a former model who has left Zuzu City for Pelican Town to live a simpler life.

The NPCs in the game get more interesting when Shiko moves to Pelican Town. She is a one-of-a-kind person with her own past and attitude. You’ll have a lot of fun finding out her secrets. As a character who can get married, you can make a new story arc for your game, which makes the mod more fun to play again and again.

Lunna – Astray in Stardew Valley

The Lunna – Astray mod is a great addition to Stardew Valley because it adds a new character with an interesting background that you can learn about through romance events. This mod’s focus on stories is a nice change of pace from the usual Stardew Valley and other mods’ focus on farming and building relationships.

With more NPCs like Bianka and Raphael, you can choose which character arc to follow. This gives you more ways to play and makes the game more fun to play again and again.


Aspen is a must-try if you want to give the game’s world and personalities more depth. Adding a new NPC with a unique story and connections to other characters in the game makes the game more immersive and fun to play as a whole.

Aspen is a great addition to the game because she is friendly and outgoing. Her speech and schedule also change over time, which keeps the game from getting boring. Aspen’s friendship level can go up, down, or stay the same depending on how you answer her questions. This adds another layer of freedom and choice, making this mod one of the best for NPCs.

East Scarp

The East Scarp mod is a great way to add new places, NPCs, and things to the base game without making it feel crowded. The addition of a new seaside area that connects to Pelican Town gives you more places to explore and makes Basket Random game feel even more real.

You can find a lot more to do in East Scarp now that it has new fish, shops, special orders, and secrets. Custom NPCs can live in the neighborhood without making extra map changes, which is helpful if you want to add more variety to your game without installing more mods.

Ridgeside Village

Ridgeside Village is a great growth mod that adds a lot to the game without making it feel too much. The relationship-building part of the game is made better by adding new NPCs that you can meet and date. All of the new things, events, stories, and quests fit in well with the look and story of the base game, making it fun and easy to play.

The value of the mod for your game goes up because the music for the town was made just for it, and each NPC who can be married has its own music. If you’ve already mastered the base game, the late-game tasks and rewards add a new level of excitement and difficulty, making this mod one of the best for Stardew.

Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded is a mod that adds a whole new layer to the popular game. It gives you a bigger world to explore with new characters, places, and events. What’s great about SVE is that it stays true to the original game. It keeps the fun and spirit of Stardew Valley while giving you more to do.

The goal of the person who made this mod was to “give the player the magical feeling they had when they first played Stardew Valley,” and it’s safe to say they did that. It’s best to play the original game before diving into SVE, since the mod changes and adds to many parts of the game. Overall, this is one of the best mods you can find if you like well-developed NPC quest lines and additions that don’t change the way Stardew Valley feels.

By Caroline Baum

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