In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players should not go to these dangerous places without being ready.

The map of Tears of the Kingdom is even bigger than that of Breath of the Wild, so there are a lot of places to find and explore. The map includes the sky-high Sky Islands, the deep Depths below the land, and the vast land of Hyrule. There are all kinds of items, places, and enemies to find on the map.

Players will quickly learn, though, that some places are much more dangerous than others. Some of the most dangerous places in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may be easy for them to find on their own, but others are out of the way and require them to look for them. Most of the time, the riskier something is, the more it pays off, so many players may look forward to the task.

The Depths

After spending some time anywhere in The Depths, most players will say that the whole area is pretty dangerous. For one thing, any player can be in danger from environmental risks. The whole area is dark, and it’s hard to see where you’re going. If players don’t watch where they’re going, they might run into trouble or even fall off a cliff. In the Depths, there are also dangerous patches of Gloom that can make a player lose all of their life until they get back to the surface.

Down here, players will also have to deal with enemies that look like they are in the Gloom. These animals can also hurt Link with their attacks, and they are much harder to beat than the ones that live on the surface. The Depths was made to be dangerous. It has a small health pool and monsters that get stronger over time.

Yiga Clan Hideout

The Yiga Clan Hideout is east of the Skyview Tower in the Gerudo Highlands. It might be hard to believe how easy it is to get to the Hideout. But if players try to get into the Hideout without the Yiga Clan Uniform, the base will be locked and they will be attacked. The player will be attacked by several Footsoldiers and a Blademaster, and it can be pretty hard to fight back.

After getting the uniform, players can go inside and take part in some training tasks. When players finish them all, they’ll be able to get some pretty cool stuff.

Lone Island Coliseum

You can find the Lone Island Coliseum right under the Eventide Island Chasm. Midna’s Mask, which is pretty hard to find, is the reward for completing this Coliseum. Players who want to add to their collection of clothing items will finally find their way here. But in order to finish the Coliseum, players must first fight through waves of enemies that get harder and harder.

Before heading to the Coliseum, players should make sure they have a lot of elemental items and a lot of arrows. In the later rounds, it would also be good to have some Bomb Flowers to really chip away at the bigger health pools of the enemies.

Eventide Island

Even though it isn’t as hard as the island it replaced in Breath of the Wild, Eventide Island is still a dangerous place. The pirates who keep striking poor Lurelin Village are based on this island. To stop them and stop the village from being attacked, players must destroy three enemy camps that are spread out across the island.

There are a lot of natural dangers on the island, and most of the enemies are blue and black, so players should be ready for a fight. By completing this task, players will be able to access the shrine on Eventide Island, which will be especially helpful for those who want to go back.

Gerudo Desert / Toruma Dunes

Most players have a hard time getting to Gerudo Town for the first time. The sand shroud makes it almost impossible to see and covers up the map totally, making it hard to get around. Players will also need to bring both heat-resistant and cold-resistant gear. Because the weather in the area changes quickly.

Players have to be careful about more than just the environment, though. Players will also have to deal with the people who live in the Gerudo Desert, like the different Gibdos and even the odd Molduga. Not only that, but players will also have to deal with monsters that can stun them with lightning.

Spectacle Rock

Spectacle Rock is right next to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and lives up to its name. It has a lot to do for players who want to have a lot of fun. In this small area, players can find quick-sinking mud, a Rare Stone Talus, and a Flame Gleeok. Of course, this can be a terrible nightmare for a player who doesn’t know what to expect and just walks in.

But Spectacle Rock is a great task for players who want to farm high-level enemies and bosses.The Stone Talus is by far the easier boss, and it’s a great place to farm gems and minerals. The Gleeok, on the other hand, will be a much tougher task, and players probably shouldn’t try to take it on until later in Tears Of The Kingdom game.

Coliseum Ruin

The Coliseum Ruins are one of the coolest places in Geometry Dash Subzero game, and a boss fight with a Thunder Gleeok takes place there. The Coliseum Ruins are south-west of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, across Aquame Lake. They are a task for anyone who wants to take them on.

Players should wait to go to this place until they have leveled up a lot and have weapons strong enough to kill this beast. When Link doesn’t have many hearts, one hit from a Gleeok can kill him, so players who haven’t done many shrines shouldn’t go there.

Lurelin Village

When players talk to the shopkeeper in Lookout Landing, they will find out that pirates have taken over Lurelin Village. Once players get there, they’ll see that the shopkeeper was right: monsters have taken over the town. Black-Bokoblins, Black-Lizalfos, and Black-Moblins are all part of this group.

Players will have to avoid getting killed by a couple dozen of these creatures. Clearing out Lurelin Village isn’t easy, and players need to make sure they’re ready to kill all of these enemies in one go. If they die, they’ll have to start the task over, which makes the area especially dangerous.

The Gerudo Sky

Over the Thunder Temple, there is a flying arena where the King Gleeok can be found in Tears Of The Kingdom. It’s not easy to get to the island with no name. It is up high, far from any Skyview Towers, and there are no Sky Islands close. The North Gerudo Sky Archipelago is where players will find the islands that are the closest to them. From here, players will need to find some Zonai items to help them get to the island where King Gleeok lives.

This boss is much harder than the others because each of its heads has a different element. To beat this boss, players must be ready for each of its parts. It’s hard to get to the island, and the boss is even harder, but the dangerous trip will be worth it.

Gloom’s Approach

Some players might have found this place by accident early on in their Tears Of The Kingdom game if they got too curious at the Hyrule Castle Chasm. When players get to the bottom, they will find a dark, creepy area filled with Gloom. As soon as they look around, they’ll see that the place has its own people.

Gloom’s Approach is one of the most difficult places that players will visit. There are Gloom versions of Silver enemies like Horriblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, Like-Likes, and even a Lynel in this area. Any player who wants to fight their way through Gloom’s Approach will need to come prepared, with the best loot they can find and as many health and energy upgrades as they can get.

Tears of the Kingdom, from The Legend of Zelda, can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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