Goose Goose Duck is complicated enough as it is, but these things just don’t make any sense.

Goose Goose Duck builds on the idea behind Among Us by adding new jobs, game modes, mechanics, and map hazards that make the game more like Garry’s Mod’s Trouble in Terrorist Town. Everything in the game has a silly quirk, like how the ducks wear goose suits with zippers or how the Canadian Geese are so good that the people who kill them feel guilty and tell the police.

But the funny parts of Goose Goose Duck can sometimes make it hard to understand why it works the way it does. Even in the most bizarre comedy games, it’s an art to find the right balance between funny and logical. This is because risks are what make a game interesting, and sometimes that just means being inconsistent.

Where Is The Demolitionist Keeping Their Bombs?

The Demolitionist Duck’s job is to put bombs on non-duck roles so that they blow up a short time later (or whoever gets the bomb). This job is especially confusing because it never runs out of explosives. Where does the Demolitionist store this endless supply of bombs?

You might be wondering, “Why is the Demolitionist different? Other roles have items that they don’t run out of during the game.” But characters with guns, like the Sheriff or the Bodyguard, can hide their guns and the small bullets they can use in a game. The Demolitionist would have to be able to carry at most 15 bombs, which is a lot of weight to hide.

How Do The Ducks Hide Their Zippers And Felt?

One of the stupidest things to think about when thinking about Goose Goose Duck is why the geese don’t notice the stitches and zipper going up the spies’ bodies and faces right away. During kill moments, you can see the stitches right away in the game, but they aren’t there when you’re just doing tasks.

In Among Us, crewmates can’t tell which one of them is a fake because the fake is a shape-shifting alien creature, like the thing that gives The Thing its name. Since the riddle is the main part of the game, it makes sense that we can’t see their suits when we play, but “just because” isn’t a very good reason.

Why Does The Dodo Win By Getting Voted Off?

You might think that the Dodo’s goal of getting kicked off the ship makes sense. Since in real life the Dodo was a type of bird that went extinct quickly after colonists found their island. So what’s going wrong? The problem is with what the Dodo wants to do.

The problem is that the Dodo wants to lose, which means it wants to be mistaken for something else so it can win. But that’s not what the Dodo did. The problem with the Dodo was that it trusted people because there were no predators on its island. The Dodo would be a better fit for a character who wants to be killed by a duck, which would mean getting alone with a duck or trusting an attacker.

How Does The Mimic Goose Only Appear As A Duck To Ducks?

The Mimic Goose looks like a duck to ducks and a goose to geese. Even Criss Angel doesn’t understand how it does this. The ducks came in as geese to mess up their space program. So they think they can tell who isn’t a goose because they all came in at the same time. What gives a duck the idea that a goose is really a duck dressed up as a goose?

Even more unclear is the fact that the name suggests that the goose physically looks like a duck. Which again, you couldn’t tell from the suits they were wearing. Maybe this goose is just a baby with a bad haircut.

Why Does The Pelican Have So Much Stomach Space?

The Pelican’s ability is strange, but it’s not hard to understand. What’s really strange about them. Though, is that they can hold around 13 players in their stomachs while they’re all still living. Even if they just ate their target quickly, it would make a little bit of sense. But the Pelican can be broken open like a pinata to let out everyone they ate during the game.

The Pelican’s gut is big enough to hold a small party. And it seems to have little to no ability to digest food. How does the Pelican even live?

How Does Everyone Find Out That The Celebrity Is Dead?

This question mostly applies to maps that take place in space. Since the news of the star’s death could be sent through a connection on Earth. How do the geese and ducks quickly find out that the celebrity has died when they are in a closed system?

Your first thought might be that the geese on the ground saw it and told the ship about it through a link between the earth and the ship. The problem with this idea is that the killer could also be seen. Which would make it strange that neither the killer nor any other deaths are reported. Maybe it’s fun for them to watch what’s going on?

Does The Avenger Just… Forget Everything Every Ten Seconds?

The Avenger is a goose type that can take ten seconds to get back at the person who killed it with any move in Drive Mad game. The question is why the Avenger would just accept and forget after seeing a brutal murder happen right in front of them?

Even worse would be if the Avenger didn’t forget but just lost the anger that gave them the power to get revenge. These birds are going through the five stages of grief faster than Usain Bolt would be thrown out of a youth track meet.

Why Is The Undertaker The Only Duck That Thinks To Move Bodies?

This one would be pretty easy for a murderer to figure out; why not just move the bodies? There is nothing keeping any of the other ducks from hiding the body in one of the many places around the ship. If you want to kill someone without getting found, this is the best way to hide your tracks.

Most ducks might be afraid of getting blood on them that can be used to find them. But even that doesn’t make sense. Does that mean that the Undertaker’s gloves give him special powers? Since you spend half your time playing on some kind of spaceship, it’s rare that you’d run out of gloves.

Why Does The Pigeon Lose Progress Every Meeting?

How does sickness work in Goose Goose Duck? The Pigeon can spend the whole time infecting both geese and ducks. But when the next meeting comes around, their work will start over. You could go the whole round without meeting anyone. Then have a small meeting near the end that resets your progress. Do they pass out antivirals at the meeting table just for fun?

Even worse, the Pigeon can re-infect anyone, which they need to do because they can’t win without it. This means that other birds have both the best and worst immune systems in the world. The fact that the Pigeon can’t attack a Pelican from the inside makes things even worse.

Why Can The Warlock Only Use Locusts?

The Warlock is one of the more interesting jobs in Goose Goose Duck. They can fill rooms on the ship with locusts. That will kill the people in them if they don’t leave in time. But why do they only have this one trick?

The name “Warlock” is meant to imply that magic is used to move the locusts to the right room, but unless they have an infinite number of locust eggs and just throw them toward vents in the vague hope that they will reach their target, this doesn’t seem likely. If this warlock is powerful enough to cause this much death and destruction. W, why not learn a spell to shut a door?

By Caroline Baum

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