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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was the sequel to Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It had tactics, strategy, and a lot of different cars and weapons that the player could use. Even though the game got off to a rough start when it came out in 2019, it has changed enough to make players want to play it again or introduce new people to the Ghost Recon series.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has a surprising number of different character classes that players can use to get the best offensive tools for how they like to play. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has the right gear for any type of kill, whether it’s done quietly, from a long distance, or by running right into the beast’s stomach. There are seven different classes to choose from, so players should pay attention to what each one does and which one fits their style of strategy best.


The Pathfinder is the most creative and smartest member of the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint team. They are good at making the most of their resources and scouting out threats to come up with a plan of attack. This class uses thermal vision to find enemies and a reconnaissance drone to look for both enemies and tactical caches.

Armaros Interface is a class skill that gives Pathfinders a high-altitude drone that can spot enemies from above and kill them before they even know what hit them. Pathfinders can only fill their method gauge by using their Uplink Protocol item, which is unique to this class.


In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, gamers who like to stay out of sight have a choice of character classes. The Echelon class is one of two that give bonuses to players who like to stay out of sight. With the Echelon tag, players get better bonuses for sneaking and are much deadlier with handguns, which can be explained by the higher damage gain.

Players in Echelon will also have a special power that lets them see enemies through walls. Sonar Vision is a class skill that lets you see enemies through walls and stop any drones they are using to avoid being seen. Players can get this when the perk’s gauge is full, which they can do by making sneak and close-range kills.

Field Medic

The Field Medic class is for people who believe in the old saying “there’s strength in numbers” and won’t run past a fallen teammate while they’re on a killing spree. The Field Medic class rewards players who help their teammates and gives them the tools to heal themselves and their friends more quickly.

Healing Drone is a class skill that lets players use a drone to help revive a fallen friend when they might not be able to get to them otherwise. For players to be able to use the drone, they will need to bring back to life friends and damage enemy drones. Unlike the other classes, the Field Medic’s progress depends on how well the team does, so teammates’ kills also affect the technique gauge.


Engineers are troops who are good with technology and know how to use the many high-tech weapons they have access to to get an edge over their enemies. In this class, players can kill enemies with drones that are more powerful and grenade weapons that are more powerful. Engineers use drones that do more damage and can also use drones that have more ammo.

In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the Engineer can use a deadly Defense Drone to lure enemies away from the player with a spray of bullets. This is possibly the best class ability in Drift Boss game. This strategy is great for setting up ambushes or getting away when the odds are against the player. To get the drone ready, players have to kill enemy drones and kill them with explosives.


The Sharpshooter is the best equipment for campers and people who can shoot accurately from far away. This class lets players control their breath for longer. Which gives them more time to pull the trigger while aiming and gives sniper weapons extra bonuses. Also, the class item Sensor Launcher makes it much easier to find targets in a big area.

Armor Buster is a Sharpshooter perk that gives players high-penetration bullets that do a lot more damage. These bullets are just as deadly on enemy cars as they are on people. Headshots and kills from far away can fill up the gauge needed to use this method.


The Assault class is made for players who want to hurt their enemies as much as possible and don’t care about their own safety. The Assault class is a great place to start if you’re new to the Ghost Recon series. Its loadout increases health with every kill and fills the technique gauge with close-range and powerful kills.

True Grit is a class skill for the Assault class. It makes the player less affected by weapon movement and more resistant to damage. As a bonus, the method will last longer as kills are made while health is being restored at the same time. Most of the time, people in the Assault class are in the firing line. So it’s a good choice for a risky style of play.


The Panther class is like the big black cat from which it gets its name. It is best for players who like to stay in the dark and get ready to pounce on their prey. This class gives you more stealth and faster movement. And using weapon suppressors won’t hurt your damage as much as it used to. It also comes with a spray that makes the player totally invisible to both drones and other players.

Cloak and Run is a Panther class skill that gives players a powerful smoke grenade that fully hides them in a thick fog. This strategy can be used to close the gap on an opponent or to get away quickly when the odds aren’t in the player’s favor. If a player likes to be sneaky, they won’t have any trouble filling up the method gauge, since stealth kills and close-range kills give bonuses.

Now you can play Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

By Caroline Baum

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