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Resident Evil, a survival horror show, has had its hands full with stories about how people suffer because of corporate greed and bad ideas like Eugenics. So, when they wrote out the “big bad” from the story, they still chose to add references and content that pointed back to the corporation that is behind everything you’re going through.

Even though Umbrella Corporation was broken up before Resident Evil 4, in this new scenario, that might not end up being the case. With so many references back to the past, it’s hard to avoid the effects of Umbrella’s founding in-universe.

Stolen Umbrella Data From Lab

With the latest remake, the lab where you can remove the parasite from Ashley is made bigger. Now, it is full of all kinds of technology, including tools with stolen data tapes about the Los Iluminados project.

When Leon looked at one of these old computers at the facility, he said that the stolen information might have been taken by someone who had something to gain from all the study Umbrella had done on the Plagas

Luis Mentions Umbrella’s Demise

Luis tells Leon that he is not a part of the Umbrella company during one of their funny conversations in the mine hole. In fact, he goes so far as to say that the company is dead.

Even though what Luis said sounds like the end of the dangerous group, it’s not clear if that’s true in the world of Resident Evil 4: Remake. It’s possible that Umbrella never stopped working years ago, like it did in the first game.

Krauser Mentions Operation Javier

Even though Krauser’s path to becoming a crazy monster was sad, it was the events of Operation Javier that really drove him to try to get stronger and therefore more evil. During the knife fight you have with Krauser in the remake, he tells you how amazing he thought B.O.Ws were. Krauser was kicked out of the army after Operation Javier left him with an arm that never fully healed. He went to find Wesker to get his strength back, and even more. Hidalgo was another person who paid Wesker to get samples of bioweapons.

Javier Hidalgo was a powerful drug kingpin who went to Umbrella after it seemed to have broken up to get help for his dying wife, Hilda. She turned into a monster instead, which was a shame. Again, the same thing happened when Javier asked Umbrella to help his daughter. So, he stopped trusting the organization and went to the Black Market to look for other choices.

Luis’s Connection With Nemesis

In Resident Evil 3, a terrifying enemy follows you and brutally tries to kill you. Now, that enemy has a backstory. In the remake, once you and Ashley are healthy again by getting rid of the Plagas bug, you can look around the lab and find out that it belongs to Luis and his team.

He also helped make enemies like the Regeneradors and El Gigante.

Europe Lab 6 Dream Team

The “Dream Team” from lab six was one of the most important teams under Umbrella’s control. It was made up of industry leaders like Luis Serra Navarro. Who worked on studying the NE-T Type virus and planned the Racoon City outbreak.

They were part of the team that made Nemesis, and they also helped make the T-Veronica worm. As soon as Luis left, the team broke up, and many of its members were charged with crimes for their parts in the events that led to Racoon City being destroyed.

Luis Resignation Preceding Racoon City

Luis was clearly unhappy with the work he was doing for Umbrella, and he could see what was coming. In the end, he chose to quit his job and go back to his hometown to take care of his dying grandfather.

He quit the Europe Lab Six Dream Team and quickly went to work for Saddler to study the Plagas parasite instead. Once Saddler’s plan was clear to him, he quit and sent an email to an old co-worker to ask for help.

Luis’ Connection With Amber

If you look at some of the notes Luis left behind, you’ll find that they talk about a sample he stole from Umbrella. He noticed that these samples were one of many interesting things the company was testing, and this one caught his eye because of its strange shape. It’s the sample of the most important Plaga egg that Ada, Krauser, and Wesker were looking for.

Saddler later took away the object in question. Because it had the same organ as the most common type of Plagues. He put it in a storeroom that you can go to while playing the version. It was said to be as strong or stronger than Saddler’s main virus type.

Ashley And The Clock Puzzle

Even though there aren’t many direct references to the Umbrella Corporation in this game. We can see something that looks like their logo on a big clock that moves in the library.

During the time you play as Ashley, you find it. As you try to get away and get back to Leon. You’ll find a grandfather clock with the group’s logo on it.

Stairway To The Sun References

“Sonnentreppe” is the name of a flower that grows underground inside a temple in South Africa. The Ndipya group thinks these flowers are holy and eats them to get “god-like” power.

The Progenitor virus is in the plant. This was found out by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. You can find clues about the flowers and their symbols in the caves under the castle and in Wesker’s scene during 8 Ball Pool game’s last moments.

“You Got A Smoke?”

A question that Luis asks twice turns out to be a coded phrase that helps him figure out if someone is with Umbrella or not. When we look through his emails on his computer. We see a conversation between Luis and AW, which tells us this.

It shows why he asked Leon and Ada the same question when they met for the first time. We see that Ada Wong gives him the right answer.

By Caroline Baum

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