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You probably don’t give charging your smartphone much thought; you just connect the wire and go about your business. That is, until the day the phone decides not to charge, you lose your mind and wonder, “Wait a minute, why isn’t my cell phone charging?”

Luckily, you do not need to run to a service center because the issue could have any number of basic causes. The issue of why your smartphone won’t charge when plugged in can usually be addressed at home. Therefore, try these ideas and techniques recommended by experts from Banbridge’s mobile phone repair shops before you panic search– “What should I do if my cell phone is plugged in but not charging?”

Let’s have a look at what you can do to solve this problem!

How to Fix a Phone That Won’t Charge – Advice By Banbridge’s Phone Repair Experts

Here are some simple solutions if your phone is not charging. Keep reading!

Restart it

Try turning your mobile phone off and on again before you begin panic-searching or Google, “Why won’t my phone charge?” Due to a simple connectivity issue, your phone may not charge even when plugged in frequently. Restarting your device should be the first thing you must do to clear out a temporary malfunction as the issue.

Your phone’s restart will end all background processes and might fix the issue with your cell phone’s charging. Restarting your smartphone also refreshes its essential parts if one of them crashes mid-task. Hold the power button while tapping the Restart menu item to reset the device quickly.

Your issue is resolved if, following a reboot, your phone begins to charge normally once more.

Switch to Safe Mode

Try restarting your smartphone in safe mode as the following step if it still won’t charge after the reset. Safe mode is a sandbox environment that limits the software accessible on your smartphone to only that which came preinstalled. This implies that any installed third-party applications won’t function in safe mode.

If your smartphone can be charged while in safe mode, you may be sure that a third-party application is to blame. Consider any recent app downloads once you’re confident that this is the issue. Your charging problems could be brought on by one of those.

Try removing any recent applications you wouldn’t trust or just haven’t used for a while, as well as any others. Next, restart your smartphone as usual, and check if it charges.

Change the Cable, Socket, or Adapter

It’s time to examine your cord if you are still scratching your head, asking, “Why is my smartphone not charging?!” There could be a broken wire in your power cord, an issue with the wall adapter, or even a problem with the socket it is connected into;  it may not properly transmit the electricity.

Clean the Charging Port

The charging outlet can easily become clogged with dust particles, which might make it difficult for your smartphone to connect to a power supply.

Examine the charging port on your smartphone, then clean it if you see any accumulation of dirt or dust. This is simple to do by giving the area a light scrub with a clean cotton bud. Don’t push anything too deep into the charging port; use a delicate touch. Use a torch to carefully inspect the port to understand better what is happening there. If you discover any foreign objects lodged there, you can perform a more thorough cleaning with a SIM ejector tool or perhaps a toothpick. Try charging your phone once more after thoroughly cleaning your port.

Is Water Damage to Blame?

Water-resistant phones require specific maintenance to be watertight because water and electricity don’t mix. Water likely is to blame if your smartphone got wet and you’re questioning why it won’t charge.

Don’t charge your device at all if there’s a chance of water damage. Make sure the inside of your phone is totally dry before continuing.

Take your phone to a phone repair shop in Banbridge to get your water-damage phone carefully diagnosed and repaired by a professional.

Take Your Phone to a Phone Repair Shop in Banbridge

Take your cell phone to a reputable, trustworthy mobile phone repair shop in Banbridge, like The Gadget Xchange. Their repair experts will efficiently fix all of your phone charging issues!


How much does repairing a charging port cost?

A typical charging port fix can cost around $50 and $90.

What signs point to a damaged smartphone charging port?

Common indications include:

  • Clogged charging port.
  • Broken or bent pins.
  • Other phones charge with the wire and adaptor.

Can a repair technician access and steal my cell phone’s data?

No, there is no need to. Since doing so can jeopardize their business. Moreover, if you take all the required safety precautions, you have nothing to worry about.

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