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Kurta pajama is a traditional staple dress in various South Asian countries, including India and Pakistan. It is often worn during festivals, formal occasions such as weddings, and religious events. Kurta pajamas have become versatile and can be styled in various ways in men’s clothing. With many designs, fabrics, materials, and colors available, it can be worn for special occasions and as a casual outfit at home.

Kurtas come in many designs, some featuring bands or embroidered collars, necks, or cuffs. For weddings, colorful and ornate kurtas are often preferred. Whether you opt for a simple or an intricately designed kurta, it is a timeless outfit that will never go out of style.

  • Embroidered Men’s Kurtas

Men’s kurta embroidery designs are popular for weddings and festive events. Lucknowi Chikan kurta is an evergreen style that goes well with all seasons. Intricate threadwork can add a touch of class and elegance to these kurtas, making them perfect for men who prefer subtle embellishments. Nowadays, mirror and jaali work on kurtas are trending, making them a stylish option.

  • Men’s Kurtas with Floral Prints

Floral prints are currently trending and can be worn in menswear. These kurtas are ideal for daytime events and can be paired with light-colored churidars. Pastel shades like mint green, peach, baby pink, and baby blue work best for these kurtas. If you want to add some glamor to your kurta, you can opt for a shimmery border.

  • Geometric Prints for Men’s Kurtas

Geometric prints give a modern vibe to men’s kurtas. You can choose from random or aligned prints and experiment with contrasting shades. Colors like rust, olive green, midnight blue, pink, and lemon yellow work well for this print.

Latest Trends in Men’s Short Kurta Designs

Kurtas come in different lengths. Their length determines the outfit’s vibe. Short kurtas for men are available in two variations: one that goes to your thighs and another to your waist. This black kurta style is easy to pull off and adds a traditional touch to your casual look. Pairing men’s short kurtas with jeans or denim is perfect for casual and festive occasions.

  • Collarless Men’s Kurta Designs

Collarless men’s kurta designs are simple yet stylish, and their waist length makes them perfect for festive occasions or college fresher parties. They are particularly popular among young boys. You can wear them casually with denim during the summer.

  • Evergreen Men’s Kurta with Koti

Men’s Koti or waistcoats can add a traditional touch to any outfit. If you want to add uniqueness to your simple and plain kurta, pairing it with a Koti is best. You can choose between a simple or embroidered koti depending on the occasion. The younger generation particularly loves wearing a koti or waistcoat for weddings and sangeet ceremonies. You can even try color blocking with the same family of colors, making sure that the koti effortlessly blends with your outfit.

  • Men’s Kurta with Nehru Jacket Styles

If you prefer a simple yet stylish look, choose a solid color kurta with tucked styling and fancy buttons. This style pairs well with a Nehru jacket, which adds a touch of sophistication to your look without being too experimental.


Men’s kurta designs have evolved over the years, providing various styles. There is something for everyone, from collarless kurta designs to black kurta with Nehru jacket styles. Men can experiment with different prints, colors, and embroidery styles to add uniqueness to their outfits. Whether it’s a festive occasion, a wedding, or a casual event, this well-designed men’s clothing can elevate your overall look to make a fashion statement.

By Caroline Baum

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