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Your windows are under constant strain to protect your home from the elements and prevent the framing around them from shifting when the weather changes. While windows typically endure an extended period, you will likely encounter issues that require repair during their lives. These concerns can be connected to the glass’s integrity, energy efficiency, hardware, or any moving parts inside your windows.

Broken windows are not only a nuisance but also affect your home’s energy efficiency. The cost of replacing home window glass might vary because there is more to it than simply swapping out one window for another. The window’s frame, sash, seals, and glass type influence the cost.

We’ll review the average expenses of the most common home window glass repairs and explain how these prices are determined. 

Common Window Repairs 

There is no set price for window repair because different forms of damage require different tools and experience levels. For example, replacing a little piece of hardware is less expensive than restoring a cracked glass pane.

Find common damages and the repairs needed below.

Air leak: Recaulking can be used to repair an air leak, but part replacement may be required if this does not solve the problem. 

Broken glass: Fully broken or cracked window glass necessitates pane replacement.

Broken thermal seal: Regular fogging between your window panes usually indicates a damaged thermal seal. A repair technician will drill a small hole in one pane, put a chemical between the panes to remove moisture, attach a valve and pump to remove air, and install the new window seal.

Cracked pane: To repair a cracked pane, use a putty knife to apply epoxy to the crack and allow it to cure.

Faulty sash cord: Sash cords allow your window to lift and lower appropriately. You must replace the entire window if the wires aren’t working correctly.

Latch or hardware malfunction: Most homeowners can replace window hardware that stops operating properly or falls off without the assistance of a professional.

Window flashing problems: Fixing flashing is prevalent in skylight windows and is frequently required because of a water leak, necessitating new flashing and water damage repair surrounding the window frame.

Common Window Restoration Costs

You may encounter a variety of problems with your window. Look at some typical home window glass repairs and how much they cost.

Leaking Windows

A window leak repair costs around $100 on average. More precisely, resealing windows costs around $150, whereas caulking a window costs around $50 (or only the cost of materials if DIY caulking). 

Thermal Seal for Windows 

A window thermal seal repair usually costs $100 but can cost up to $250. Regular leak resealing is distinct from thermal seal repair, preventing moisture and inert gases from passing through.

Window Equilibrium

If you do it yourself, a window balance repair costs about $50 in parts and tools. If you employ a professional, the cost could rise to $100.

Sash Cord 

If you do it yourself, repairing a window sash cord costs roughly $35. Most households typically price the supplies between $10 and $60. A window sash cord repair by professional costs roughly $110, including materials and labor.


Window flashing repair costs roughly $400 in materials and labor. Window flashing repairs frequently include repairing leaking skylights. When repairing a leaky skylight, you may have to factor in the cost of restoring water damage to the interior of your home.

Window Frame 

A window frame repair costs approximately $380. Remember that window frame repair charges vary greatly based on the window type and the damage’s extent. Minor repairs cost as little as $50, whereas significant repairs cost $1,000 or more.

Window Replacement

Did any of your windows sustain significant damage? It can be more cost-effective to replace instead. Window replacement costs range from $310 to $1,330, depending on the window style.

Factors Influencing Window Repair Costs

So, what elements influence window repair costs? The following are some elements that influence the cost of residential window repair. 

  • Accessibility: While first-floor, conveniently accessible home window repairs are typically less expensive, those on the second level (or less accessible) are typically more expensive. 
  • Damage: The extent of the damage will influence the final cost—the greater the severity of the damage, the higher the price range.
  • Home Location: If you live a long distance from the repair business, you may have to pay for the professional’s travel time, which adds to the cost. Furthermore, if you live in a higher-cost-of-living area of the country, you will almost certainly pay more than the national average. 
  • Materials: Some materials are less expensive to fix than others. Aluminum and vinyl windows, for example, are less expensive to repair than wood windows. The cost is also affected by the type of glass used.
  • Several windows: Expect to spend more if you need several windows repaired. There may be discounts for several repairs, but there are no guarantees. 
  • Window size and shape: Generally, more intricate windows cost more to repair than their smaller and simpler standard-size counterparts. Big windows require more material and take longer to fix. 
  • Urgency: An emergency window repair cost should be double or triple what you would pay for regular labor.

DIY Window Repair vs. Hiring a Professional

DIY window repair can be cost-effective in the short term but should only be used for minor repairs. For example, fixing a broken sash cord, a malfunctioning window balance, or aging or damaged window gear can be simple. These repairs might be completed in an hour or two with some research and competence. Just keep in mind that conducting repairs yourself may void your warranty.

However, you should always hire a professional home window glass repair for more intricate or potentially dangerous repairs. You should never, for example, undertake window repair on skylights or upper-floor windows, nor should you attempt to repair broken or cracked windows. You should also hire a professional to repair any to your window frame, as they are complicated, can cause significant property damage, and entail the installation of a new window if not appropriately handled.


When your windows are damaged, you should have them repaired as quickly as possible. Aside from the risk of it worsening, leaving broken windows alone will make you less safe, endanger your family, and make your property look worse. 

The cost varies depending on the nature of the problem. On the bottom end of the range are broken seals, faulty tracks, failing flashing, and damaged thermal seals. Cracked glass, broken latches/hardware/locks, and window frame damage, on the other hand, are the most expensive to fix. 

By Caroline Baum

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