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Energy performance certificate cost, first time, they’ve been used initially in England and Wales in 2007 as part of the now defunct Homes Information Packs for homes that have at least four bedrooms. EPCs (EPC) can be now an integral element of the entire buying, selling and renting “package” for us all but there’s some uncertainty regarding the effects of an EPC on a property’s value for better or for less, energy performance certificate cost.

The brightly colored A-to-G scale is readily identifiable within the specifics of our homes. It functions exactly the same as the scale used by appliances in the home, such as freezers and refrigerators and televisions, washing machines and other appliances which share the same objective of enhancing the efficiency of our homes’ energy usage.

To establish an EPC A brief inspection is conducted of the property by an accredited energy assessor, who looks at different areas, including floor, cavity walls, the insulation of lofts, boilers as heaters for hot water tanks, control and radiators, windows doors, windows and.

The data is fed into specific software that evaluates the effectiveness of the home at its present state and provides a figure of improvement that could be made. As you can see, the assessor will make a number of assumptions regarding the property based on its age and kind of construction.

With the rising cost of living making the headlines every day, there is understandably more interest in EPC ratings both for properties for sale as well as those for rent:

.” Says Kate Ridley, Lettings Manager at Milne Moser”

The upcoming increases in electricity and gas are something that will be a burden everyone regardless of whether we own or lease our house. Having an energy-efficient home is likely help our budgets and more sustainable for the planet.

The law, which was enacted in 2018 that required each rental property should possess an EPC grade of E or better, regardless of its age. This includes new leasing agreements or rentals. However, in April 2020, the law was amended to make mandatory for landlords to get the EPC rating of a minimum all their properties regardless of the date the tenancy was signed and was signed, not only new ones.

The EPC can be valid for 10 years and landlords have to ensure that their properties are equipped with an EPC that is current.” Kate continues: Kate, “Having a valid EPC for rental properties is legally required. the local building control department has the power to make this a requirement with penalties of up to a maximum of PS5,000 for landlords not following this legal requirement, energy performance certificate cost, bbc home.


In the following of the UK Government setting a target to make the country zero net in 2050 the new requirements for the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) were made public in 2021. All rental properties must be able to demonstrate an EPC rating of at or above the level of a ‘C’ before 2025. The change will be initially affecting new lease agreements. However, by 2028 it’ll be applied to all tenancies, including long-running contracts that were prior to signing.

To prove that they’re serious, it was also declared that the amount of penalty for failing to have a valid EPC for rental properties will increase to PS30,000 starting in 2025.

The importance of keeping up-to-date EPC is evident for everyone to observe. In addition to making sure you tick the box’s to be in compliance with the law. It will benefit any potential owner or tenant.

The constant costs of living in a house are on everyone’s thinking at the moment and they are certainly a factor we’re hearing more from prospective buyers and tenants.” According to Paige McNaughton, Sales Manager at Milne Moser.

It’s true an outstanding EPC rating can increase the appeal of your house to purchase or rent. next question is, what can I do to improve my EPC rating?

In the beginning take it seriously and don’t think of it as just a cost-saving practice, as the advantages of a more comfortable and more comfortable house can be beneficial for the wellbeing of everyone and also the satisfaction of making a difference to the environment by cutting down on the carbon footprint.Upgrading windows and doors to triple or double glazing can reduce the loss of heat, and will reduce noise from the outside as well.

It is not required to replace all windows because the glass can be replaced by new efficient reflective glass, which is resistant to heat. Verify if the seals have been damaged as replacing them may lessen drafts that aren’t welcome.

Loft insulation is straightforward to install and doesn’t require the expertise of a tradesman install, yet it could bring significant benefits in your house. It is recommended to put in insulation that is at least 27cm or around 12-inches thick.


Boilers to heat water as well as radiators are a different area to consider if your boiler is in the last years, it’s worth considering a more modern version.” Kate’s remarks Kate. The latest boilers are generally smaller and more efficient and also provide some peace of mind to landlords that they don’t have to be concerned about.

Although there was plenty of discussion at the beginning of the year with regards to the ban on gas boilers starting in 2025, there’s no need to worry over this subject, as this article by British Gas explains.

Wall insulation is another option to think about with regards to alternatives for wall cavities wall insulation solid walls, party walls “Although this is a much more involved and specialist undertaking, there are still grants available for certain property types which are worth investigating and, as with all these suggestions, the financial savings can be significant, gas and electrical certificates.

Thus, a good EPC rating because of your home’s energy efficiency is a victory in all ways and could:

  • Your home should be more attractive to prospective buyers or tenants
  • If you’re not planning to move in the near future, this could save you cash on your energy bills throughout the year.
  • If you’re a landlord, it can help you ensure that you’re compliant with current laws as well as new laws that will enter into shape in the coming years.
  • Also, you’re attempting to reduce emissions from your house, and will also benefit the environment!
  • For landlords, it is important to remember that gas boilers as well as gas appliances must undergo an annual inspection conducted by an engineer who is a Gas Safe(r) qualified engineer to be granted a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12).

By Caroline Baum

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