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At the entrance to the desert safari, you will be approached by online shopping assistants who want to sell you traditional Arabic dress. Be polite and turn them down.Dubai desert safari is one of the most popular activities in the UAE. It is a thrilling and exciting experience. However, it can be dangerous if you are not careful. There are a few things you should know before booking your trip.

Dune bashing

The main attraction of a desert safari Dubai is dune bashing, which involves driving your vehicle at different speeds over the sand dunes. The sand here is soft and constantly shifting, so you need to be very skilled at driving a special desert car with reduced tire air pressure. This allows your vehicle to “float” over the dunes, much like a roller coaster ride.

Most of the tours include a dune bashing experience as part of the package. Some also offer sandboarding, which is like snowboarding on sand and can be fun for all ages. Some also have camel riding and henna painting as optional activities. These are all great ways to enjoy the beauty of the desert.

While dune bashing can be fun, it is not for everyone. It can cause motion sickness, so you should be careful if you have a sensitive stomach. It is also a good idea to wear sunglasses because the sand can be blinding at times.

After your dune bashing adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to relax at a Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert. Here, you can enjoy a variety of activities and watch dance performances such as the Tanura show and belly dancing. You can also try shisha smoking, drink apple-flavored sheesha waterpipe, and get your hands painted with henna designs.


A desert safari in Dubai is more than just dune bashing. It offers a variety of other experiences as well, including sand boarding and quad biking, traditional cultural experiences, moonlit BBQ dinners, and camel rides. Some of the most popular desert safari tours also include henna painting, oasis visits, and photoshoots with traditional Arabic costumes.

The best time to experience a desert safari is at sunset, when the colors of the dunes are most vivid. It’s also a great time to take pictures of the vast expanse of sand and the beautiful orange-red sky. A good tip is to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Before your trip, make sure to tell the tour operator if you’re pregnant or have a heart condition. This will help them plan a route that avoids dune bashing. In addition, you should always be prepared for sudden sandstorms.

After the dune bashing adventure, you will arrive at a Bedouin-style camp where you can relax and enjoy different entertainment performances. The most popular performances are belly dance and Tanura performance, which are a must-see for any visitor to the UAE. You can also get henna tattoos on your arms, smoke shisha, and listen to live music. You can also enjoy a buffet dinner of Arabic and international cuisine, which is served under the stars.

Camel riding

For those who prefer to explore the desert at a leisurely pace, camel riding is an option. This ride is a wonderful way to see the dunes, and the camels themselves are friendly and beautiful creatures. During the ride, you will be given time to take photos and admire the scenery. The tour guide will play relaxing music to help you relax, but be sure to ask for different tunes if the traditional Arabic music isn’t to your taste.

The guides will teach you how to get on the camel’s back, and it’s a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow you to sway with the animal’s natural gait. If you’re a first-time rider, it might be best to avoid the longer rides, as they can be intimidating for small children (and even adults). Camels are majestic animals, and this is an unforgettable opportunity to see the sand dunes from a different perspective.

If you’re looking for an affordable evening desert safari, this one from Platinum Heritage is a great choice. The 4-hour program includes pickup and drop-off, red dune bashing, camel riding, and sand boarding, as well as a sunset photo stop and drinks. You can also opt for the 7-hour version, which includes a dinner at the torch-lit Bedouin camp and henna painting and Tanura and belly dance shows.


An evening desert safari in Dubai is a must-do activity for tourists visiting the city. The tour takes you to a Bedouin-style camp, where you can enjoy activities such as sand boarding and camel riding. You can also try a henna tattoo and watch a Tanoura performance. The tour also includes a barbecue dinner and live entertainment.Book your trip on HolidayDesertSafari.

The tour starts with a pickup from your hotel in a 4×4 vehicle and a thrilling dune bashing ride. After that, you will enjoy the other activities at the campsite. These include camel rides, Arabic costume photography, and a henna tattoo. Then, you can indulge in shisha and eat a barbecue dinner. The camp is fully equipped with a bar, so you can buy alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. During the month of Ramadan, however, the bar closes and live entertainment is paused.

The temperature in the desert can drop significantly at night, so it is best to bring a sweater or jacket. Also, you should wear loose clothing to avoid sand stains. Sleeveless tops are acceptable, but it is advisable to skip dresses and short skirts that expose too much skin. You should also wear closed-toe shoes. To protect yourself from the sun and possible wild creatures, you should also bring a hat.

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