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How many of you believe that ladies may only post their newest DIY projects or Change Pinterest Password? It’s reasonable to argue that Pinterest is a scrapbooking heaven for women if the top 30 Pinners are food, fashion, design, and wedding bloggers. So, if you decide that this platform isn’t for you, it’s simple to brush this visual search engine under the rug. But it appears that there is ample room for bloggers, start-ups, and business owners to experiment with pins, repines, and group boards if some of the biggest businesses, like Wal-Mart, Apple, and Lowe’s, are staking out land on Pinterest for their marketing initiatives. Utilizing Pinterest to increase blog traffic is effective. Just consider these startling statistics:

  • In comparison to the typical tweet, a pin is 100 times more shareable.
  • Up to 2 page visits and 6 pageviews can come from each pin.
  • Pinning is advantageous for e-commerce companies since each pin might bring in 78 cents.
  • A pin lasts for one week. In contrast, Twitter takes 24 minutes, and Facebook takes 90.

However, the fact that Pinterest is the second-fastest growing social network stands out the most:

And don’t assume you can’t have an influence on Pinterest just because you work in the marketing, IT, or blogging fields. The top traffic source for many blogs is Pinterest.

So, how can you increase your Pinterest following? Here are five strategies you may employ to improve your pinning approach and increase traffic.

Create a business account

Go ahead and create a free Pinterest for business account or upgrade your current account to get genuine results from your pinning efforts.

Once you sign up and confirm your website with Pinterest, you’ll have access to Pinterest analytics, which contain crucial data on the behaviour of your pins.

Rich Pins, which provide more information than your normal pin, are also available for application. Each of the five categories—movie, article, product, app, recipe, and place—has its own pin improvements, such as real-time pricing and a link to your website.

The ability to promote your most recent blog post with your logo, a larger headline, and a link back to your website makes article pins useful for bloggers. Additionally, because Pinterest makes use of Facebook Open Graph information, it’s simple to set up with WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO.

Focus on the copy description

Each pin contains a description that informs the viewer of its subject. Usually, bloggers just need to include their blog title and a brief summary of their content.

But you need to take further steps in order to fully realise the potential of your pin.

Your pin must be the following for high engagement:

  • Make it simple for pinners to locate your pin by providing a precise description. Pinterest traffic claims that useful pins get 30% more interaction.
  • Detailed — briefly describe the subject of your pin. Give a pinner enough details to make them want to visit your blog.
  • Use terms that are connected to the senses and good sentiments to engage the pinner’s emotions.
  • Include a call to action in your description to make it more actionable. To improve engagement, use verbs like “check out…” or “click to find out more.”

Exactly when to pin

All of this is a numbers game. Every hour of every day, Pinterest traffic displays hundreds of pins.

How can you make your pins sparkle the most? Having the most repins is what you want for your Pinterest marketing plan. To increase the frequency with which it is seen by new users, you want as many individuals as possible to repin your content.

Finding the ideal time and day to pin is the most effective method. You should pin when your target audience is on Pinterest, of course.

It appears that Saturday am is the optimum time to start pinning based on an analysis of data from several sources. Friday after 3 pm is when fashion and retail are at their busiest.

Additionally, it seems reasonable that the worst time to pin is during regular business hours.

But if you really want to target them, you might want to look a little more at where they come from and how they use Pinterest.

The demographics of your audience may be rapidly determined with Pinterest analytics.

This will enable you to more accurately determine the best time to reach your target market.

According to a Pew Research Centre survey, up to 17% of users log onto the site everyday, which gives some insight into how frequently pinners are really interacting on Pinterest. Nearly 9% of people go to Pinterest frequently.

Join a group board on Pinterest

The ideal way to increase traffic to your site on Pinterest is through group boards. If a group board is popular, it might serve as a community board for other pinners. They might increase your exposure since they are so well-liked.

You may increase your following very rapidly by signing up for a community board. People who follow the board will notice your pins if you often post to it, and they may be interested in your Pinterest board. They will adhere to you if they like what they see.

Your Pinterest group boards appear like this on the main page:

On your board’s right-hand side, there is a persons symbol. You can tell it’s a group board from this.

How can you locate group boards then? The simplest method is to use Pin Group to search. Simply conduct a search for a term, such as “blogging,” to see what results come up.

Joining a group board can be done in a number of ways:

  • Discover the group board’s creator by pinning their stuff and engaging in conversation with them. Pinterest isn’t only for pinning; by commenting on pins, you can build a robust network.
  • Additionally, you may post comments on the author’s blog by going there. When you ultimately approach the creator to join their Pinterest board, these actions will help them recognise who you are and trust you.
  • Look for the invite guidelines; some group boards include them in the description. You might only need to send the group’s founder an email, or you might need to write a comment on one of their pins. Just keep in mind to be polite and state your intentions before joining.
  • Receive an invitation from a group member; as a group member, you may extend invitations to others, if it is permitted in that particular group.


The fastest-growing social network in 2014 was interest, and growth has not slowed down. It is obvious that it won’t disappear any time soon. It may be a terrific place for bloggers to practise their image-creation and marketing talents. Try following these techniques to observe genuine results from Pinterest, such as clicks leading back to your website:

  • Create a business account.
  • Pay attention to the copy in your description.
  • Discover the ideal time and day to pin.
  • Make captivating pin pictures
  • Working together on a group board

By Caroline Baum

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