Danny Koker’s love affair with cars began at a young age. Growing up in a family of automotive enthusiasts, Danny was exposed to the world of automobiles from an early age. His childhood was filled with countless hours spent tinkering with engines and learning the ins and outs of various car models. This passion for cars would lay the foundation for his future endeavors.

Danny Koker Age and Height

Danny Koker, born on January 5, 1964, is an American television personality, car enthusiast, and entrepreneur. As for his height, Danny Koker stands at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch tall. The success of Count’s Kustoms caught the attention of television producers, leading to the creation of the reality TV show “Counting Cars.” Danny Koker became the central figure of the show, which offered viewers an inside look into the world of automotive restoration and customization.

Danny Koker Net Worth

Danny Koker, the renowned car enthusiast and star of “Counting Cars,” has amassed a significant net worth throughout his successful career. Danny Koker Net Worth is around $13 million. Fuelled by his love for customization, Danny Koker founded Count’s Kustoms, a renowned automotive restoration and customization shop based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting small, he quickly gained a reputation for his unique style and meticulous craftsmanship.

Danny Koker Source of income

Danny Koker derives his income from various sources, thanks to his diverse career in the automotive industry and entertainment field. Here are some of the key sources of income for Danny Koker:

Television Show: As the star of the hit reality TV series “Counting Cars,” Danny Koker earns a significant portion of his income from the show. Through his charismatic presence and expertise in automotive customization, he has garnered a wide fan base, contributing to his financial success.

Count’s Kustoms: Danny Koker is the founder and owner of Count’s Kustoms, an automotive restoration and customization shop based in Las Vegas. The business caters to clients seeking unique and customized vehicles. The revenue generated from Count’s Kustoms serves as a major source of income for Danny Koker.

Car Sales: In addition to customization services, Count’s Kustoms also engages in buying and selling cars. Danny Koker’s expertise and reputation in the industry allow him to profit from the sale of specially customized vehicles and rare automobiles.

Merchandise and Branding: With his rising popularity, Danny Koker has expanded his brand through merchandise sales. This includes apparel, accessories, and other Count’s Kustoms-branded products. The sale of merchandise adds to his overall income.

Public Appearances and Events: As a well-known personality in the automotive and entertainment worlds, Danny Koker is often invited to make appearances at events, conventions, and car shows. These appearances not only allow him to interact with fans but also provide additional income through appearance fees and endorsements.

Royalties and Licensing: With the success of “Counting Cars” and the utilization of his image and brand, Danny Koker likely receives royalties and licensing fees from the show’s distribution, merchandise licensing, and other related ventures.


Danny Koker is an iconic figure in the world of automotive customization and entertainment. From his early passion for cars to the establishment of Count’s Kustoms and the success of the TV show “Counting Cars,” he has made a significant impact on the industry. Through his talent, craftsmanship, and charismatic personality, Danny has captivated audiences worldwide.

By Caroline Baum

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