E-learning systems have become extremely popular these days. Teachers in international kindergarten schools use various e-learning practices to train their students and prepare them for the competitive world. T

hough these teaching practices got introduced long ago, the pandemic gave them a much-needed boost. Seeing the positive impact of e-learning practices, even parents have started opting for these teaching pedagogies during school admission in Bangalore. 

Though there are countless benefits of e-learning systems, parents are often confused about its impact on student motivation. Some parents think technical devices and techniques would fascinate children and boost their engagement. However, others believe it might poorly reflect on the motivation level of children. Motivation is the intrinsic element that ensures the academic excellence of every student, so it is mandatory to ensure any teaching pedagogy that the teacher uses doesn’t impact poorly on the motivational level. For better clarity, let us dig deeper and discuss the effect of e-learning systems on student motivation. 

Effects Of E-Learning Systems On Student Motivation

–         The primary concern about online learning is limited social interaction. Students can learn from the comfort of their homes, but their social skills go for a toss. Thus, there will be fewer group interactions, which usually motivates children to get more involved. 

–         The environment in a classroom is highly encouraging, and the students automatically draw the motivation to learn. When they see other students paying attention, they develop a sense of competitiveness and start putting effort into engaging better in the classroom. However, the e-learning platforms may fail to provide a similar setup. The only reason behind this is the absence of a classroom setup.

–         There are positive impacts on student motivation if only the e-learning setup is strategic. Therefore, the schools should plan a setup where the e-classes get conducted in groups. Moreover, they should also focus on organizing group activities or assigning group tasks to the students to keep their social interactions in place. 

–         Another way to ensure the student motivation towards learning stays intact is to guide them with the right way to use technology. Ensure the students understand the e-learning practices and do not get distracted by digital devices. The right way is to always have a parent or an educator who can watch over the children when they study. 

The idea is to make the most of the e-learning practices and save children from distractions or the poor impact of this teaching pedagogy. Therefore, educators should start by educating the parents and teachers about the significance and impact of this technique. Furthermore, they should arrange a strategic setup of the e-learning systems to ensure a smoother learning process for the students. 

In the end, it is fair to say that e-learning systems will not have any poor impact on the motivation level of students if you arrange everything well. So, teachers should plan everything well and ensure a smoother implementation of the e-learning practices. Once everything goes as planned, you will see exceptional growth in academic excellence and the overall growth of students.

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By Caroline Baum

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