existence of parallel universes

If you want to know whether parallel universes or multiverse exist or not? Then you will be satisfied after reading this blog. Parallel universes are alternate versions of our universe with some differences. In some meanings, they are termed Multiverse. There are some differences between them.

Scientists theoretically believe that parallel universes exist. Nobody performed a convincing experiment. Many scientists agreed, but some argued with their facts. This theory originated for solving a big question related to quantum mechanics.

Hypothetical image to prove parallel universes exist.

Who proposed this theory?

In 1954, Hugh Everett proposed this theory to solve the question that arises from quantum mechanics. In that era, quantum mechanics was a mystery for all. Its weirdness continuously generates curiosity. To tackle this theory arrived but was rejected by everybody. Scientists were confused that photons showed properties of the particle and wave that were unusual that changed its property when observed. Hugh describes that there are many universes like ours. When looking at one state of a particle changes its property shown by another photon in another universe. At that time, this theory was rejected.

How does the Parallel Universe work?

It is very critical to understand the working. The main question is how the universes formed and why? Some theories suggest that since the creation, uncountable Universes have been created only because of our decisions. There are infinite possibilities for acting, but when performed one action then all others are superposed. There might be a universe in which we perform another action. Our decisions and actions are related to each other one affects the other and changes the whole reality.

Can we travel in parallel universes?

Yes, there is one way how we can travel in other universes. In 1932, wormholes showed up. This theory suggests a bridge that connects two points. These points may exist in one universe or other universes. It can be acting a doorway between two Universes, but we cannot create one. To open them, a massive amount of energy is required. We can’t generate such energy in our labs. Fortunately, we create a micro wormhole in the lab for new seconds.

Wormholes connecting to parallel universes.

Proof that PARALLEL UNIVERSES exist.

Some proof and stories a kind proofing this theory. Let’s jump and see it.


NASA experimented using ANTI. This device detects high-energy particles. Neutrinos are low-energy particles coming from space and can penetrate anything without reacting. They found high-energy unknown particles radiating from Earth to Space. They conclude that these particles are from another universe in which the laws of physics work differently. There was no proof that these particles originated from Earth. So, it must be proven that parallel universes exist.

ANTI is used to detect high-energy particles.


There are many stories, but we will cover some famous ones.

Man from TAURED

  Once in Japan, a person said that he came from a country name TAURED, but the country of this name does not exist. Airport security placed him in a hotel room with high security. The next day he vanished from the hotel room with his documents. Police were unable to find any of the clue about him. Scientists explained this incident by saying he might belong to another reality where this country exists. Because of some space-time anomaly, he came to this universe and vanished.

Original image of password.

 Richard’s story

  The name of this person is not real due to some security reasons. This story feels real. He said he was traveling in America and decided to take some rest. His dog jumps out of the car and runs away. He ran for his dog and fell into a cave-like hole. When he wake-up found himself in a well-furnished room. A man said he was lying unconscious a few meters from the building. There was no building from thousands of miles where he was present. At this, the man said that this is another Universe. There he saw purple ketchup and an album by the famous band Beam. This album can’t exist in our reality.

Relation to Time travel

Some people confuse the Parallel Universe with time travel. Time travel makes us able to travel in the past and future. On the other hand, parallel universes concern with other Universes.

Why do some deny this theory?

 Some scientists deny this theory because there is no practical proof of it. There is a lot of controversy around this theory. They can’t digest that our single decision creates such an impact that forms a whole new universe. The reality is that they don’t want to believe it or can’t understand the complexity of quantum mechanics. My opinion is that everything is possible in this cosmos. A few years before, scientists believed that nothing could exist outer our solar system, but now we discovered un-countable galaxies and a lot to know. Hopefully, someday we will get access to parallel universes.       

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