Paragliding is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activities that one can do in their lifetime. Nothing will be more interesting than flying like a bird and having the view of the environment as if like a bird has. If you wanna experience the most exciting paragliding then, the place you need to visit is none other than Bir Billing Paragliding, the most famous and the place known for paragliding. This wonderful place is located in the state where the Himalaya mountains are. Not only paragliding there are other interesting activities too to do here at Bir.

The Ways to Reach Bir Billing:

  • One way to reach Bir Billing is to start your journey from Delhi. From Delhi you can travel through a route and reach – Chandigarh then to Kiratpur then to Una then to Paragpur then to Dehra then to Kangra then to Palampur and finally to Bir Billing. This route covers a distance of about 530 kilometres. This route can be the better one even though it is long it can be a smooth and safe one.
  • Another way to reach Bir Billing is to start your journey from Manali. From Manali you can go to IIT Mandi then to Jogindernagar and finally to Bir Billing. This route covers a distance of about 180 kilometres. 
  • You can also start your journey from Dharamshala. From there you can go to Palampur and then reach Bir Billing. This route covers a distance of about 70 kilometres. 
  • You can also start your journey from Pathankot. From there you can go to Palampur and then reach Bir Billing. This route covers a distance of about 140 kilometres.

Things You Need to Do After Reaching Bir Billing Paragliding Site

After reaching Bir Billing you can reach the area named Chougan, which is the landing area of paragliding. This area is situated at a distance of about 3.5 kilometres from the national highway. If you have reached there using your personal vehicle, you can park it in the provided parking area.

After reaching that landing area there are certain procedures to be followed such as filling the form for registration, meeting the team who is responsible for paragliding and then getting introduced to the pilot who will be flying with the participants. 

You should not carry your bags or luggage or any other unwanted materials. They can better leave all these items in the place they stay (hotel room). You can take your wallet and mobile along with you if you want by keeping them zipped in your pocket or else give it to the pilot to keep it safe.

In the perspective of dressing it is better to wear light as well as warm clothing, which is comfortable as well as suitable for paragliding. Wear boots or shoes which have good grip and are flexible. Then, you have to go to the takeoff point of paragliding at the top of the mountain, which is located at a distance of 16 kilometres and takes about 45 minutes to reach there.

Weather Condition:

You will be having a short session of instruction which will be conducted by the instructors of paragliding. It is mandatory to attend this session. The time slot you have booked may change in case the weather condition is worse. If it happens, they will let you know the possible time for your paragliding. 

You can have a video of your paragliding. In case you need it you have to ask for it from your pilot. You need to inform it priorly. Before taking off the pilot will give you some information, listen to it properly and follow it for your safety measures and to have a good paragliding experience. 

After landing you can collect your video if you have asked for it earlier. Near Chougan you can find many shops, market, bakery, dhaba, cafeteria, monastery and restaurant. You can enjoy all those things after completing your paragliding. The entire paragliding activity starting from the registration process till the landing process will take upto 2 or 3 hours. So be prepared for it. The flying time in paragliding will be near 20 minutes. 

Restrictions For Paragliding

There are certain restrictions during paragliding. The participants should not take certain materials during paragliding such as – bag, lighter, luggage, any sharp material and so on.

The participants should not consume alcohol or any other sort of drugs during paragliding. It is advisable for people who have undergone any surgery or are pregnant or have pain in neck or else in back or have broken arm or leg and something like that not to go for paragliding.

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